Shawn and Jennifer – what an amazing couple

I met Shawn and Jennifer only 3 short months ago. They were on the ultimate search for the perfect wedding photographer. I was thrilled when they chose One Fine Day Photography. These were my kind of peeps. They described this amazing church called the Trinity Cathedral which is located in the heart of downtown Phoenix. I hadn’t been there before and decided to go check it out a few months before the big day. They agreed to meet me there. As I got to know them better, I found that this couple was among the purest, kindest most genuine type of people you’d ever want to know. And at their wedding, that was confirmed even more so when I watched them together. They were more into their marriage than the wedding itself. This – I know – is a union that will last forever. And, the bonus is, I made some new amazing friends! Congratulations Jennifer and Shawn!

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