My mission to Haiti

This winter I had the privilege of going on a mission to Haiti with a wonderful relief organization called Food for the Poor. It was a trip that changed my life forever. What I saw was devastating. 90% poverty, families living in deplorable conditions, homeless children wandering the streets. A massive undertaking to rebuild Haiti has been underway since the January 2010 earthquake, but it seemed little progress has been made. Red Cross tents are everywhere. Unicef is there. And the relief organization I went with has a headquarters and feeding center that serves meals round the clock. It was happy to be able to get on the front lines and help where I could. We also helped build houses, distributed clothing, visited a school funded by Food for the Poor. The organization even provided us with a security detail, so we felt pretty safe. Most of these pictures were taken with my Iphone, as I didn’t bring my professional camera gear. I was so moved by the Haitian people, and what I experienced, I will be going back again in December on my second mission. It made me realize how truly blessed I am to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back and a comfortable bed to sleep in every night.

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