Kamini and Sanjiv’s very special Phoenician wedding

So much tradition, color and beauty!! Kamini and Sanjiv’s wedding started with unseasonably warm temperatures. In fact it was the first day of the year that Phoenix broke the triple digit mark – landing at exactly 100 degrees! Still, the family, the bride and groom, all the wonderful guest seemed unphased. Kamini looked beautiful in her traditional Indian wedding dress. The first of two gorgeous gowns. The groom was ushered in early in the day to a parade of family and friends led by an amazing drummer. The ceremony was performed by Indian priests that used some of the most fascinating and aromatic traditions. One of my favorites will always be the henna painted on to the hands of the bride. Incredible florals and linens were provided by Pacific Events – and the Phoenician’s staff did such a beautiful job or orchestrating everything. Congratulations Kamini and Sanjiv!

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