Leah & Andy!!!

What can I say about Leah and Andy!? We bonded instantly. Such amazing people. Their beautiful wedding was held at Scottsdale’s stunning Sassi Restaurant. When Leah called in the beginning she said she was referred to us by another couple who also got married at Sassi – 7 years ago!! Thank you Marcia! And thank you Sassi. Leah was so beautiful in her amazing gown and Andy looked so handsome. His twin brother was always nearby as well as Leah’s twin bridesmaids. It was hard not to do double-takes everytime we looked around. It was great working with the always professional and upbeat Miles at SKM Entertainment. They are so great at keeping the party going. The guests partied well into the night and a great time was had by all… even us! What a great wedding. Congraulations Leah and Andy!

2 thoughts on “Leah & Andy!!!”

  1. Ann you are amazing!! You definitely caught the beauty and splendor of this day. Thank you!

  2. This is the first of any of the images I’ve seen since I worked with Anne and Doug that day. They look wonderful. It’s nice to see the result after seeing it from the side I saw it from originally from working it.

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