Sherry & Matt – a beautiful Villa Siena wedding!

Boy did I love Sherry when I met her! Beautiful inside and out. My kind of person. I couldn’t remember Matt – but on their wedding day at the gorgeous Villa Siena in Gilbert, I was pleasantly surprised at how handsome he was. And so genuine. He had two adorable kids, and the families and friends on both sides were a joy. Awesome food was provided with “Bon Cuisine” – a fantastic caterer. And as usual, such fun working with Jeff and Ray the DJ. Congrats Sherry & Matt!

Bryan & Angela’s last minute wedding – Marriott Buttes Resort

On a busy day in the office working with my intern Jennifer, I will still running around in my Yoga clothes when the phone rang. It was one of my favorite wedding coordinators, Malene Vessel from the Marriot Buttes Resort in Tempe. She explained that a couple was getting married that day (in less that 3 hours!) and their photographer had gotten snowed in back in Indiana and wouldn’t be able to photograph the wedding. Oh my! I started rummaging through my closet looking for something for Jennifer to wear and we were out the door in minutes. And what a wonderful couple Bryan and Angela were! Their wedding was held in the Old Church at the Newman Center on the ASU Campus and then off to the Marriott Buttes for their lovely reception where they were surrounded by family and friends. Including a lovely woman I worked with years ago by the name of Frances Emerson. Frances was my boss long ago at Honeywell. It was so great to see her after all these years. It was also great being surprised to see Ray the DJ there! What a great night that was making new friends and being reunited with old ones. Congratulations Bryan and Angela!

Janet & Mark’s beautiful wedding – Capital Grille, Scottsdale

Even the smallest of weddings is so special. And Janet and Mark’s holiday wedding was no different. Surrounded by family and friends, they shared vows at the beautiful Mountain View Lutheran Church in Awhwatukee, and then headed to Captial Grille in Scottsdale for an intimate dinner. I loved this couple the day I met them. The nicests ever! The florals and linens were amazing! Provided by the always professional and great team at Table Tops, Etc. in Scottsdale. Such a joy working with Melissa and Dianna! And the folks at Capital Grille were great. Congratulations Mark and Janet!

Rebecca & Mark at the beautiful Hyatt Gainey Ranch Resort

Thank you Kristen and Kelly (past brides) for introducing me to the amazing “Becca”! Becca is so sweet. She had a beautiful wedding at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch Resort (love that place) to her very special groom Mark. The wedding was held on the beautiful Palm Court Lawn with the reception following in the Ballroom, where my second shooter Jim Baker and I found a cool new hidden balcony for shooting down over the entire reception scene. (How come we never knew that was there!?) It made for some wonderful pictures while the party was going on. Especially the grand entrance. Congratulations Mark and Becca!