Heather & Joe’s beautiful Millenium wedding

We knew this was a fun couple from the start! One Fine Day Photography’s Doug Williams had an uber-cool engagement session with Heather & Joe six months ago and said – “this couple was a blast – I can’t wait for the wedding!” The wedding definitely delivered. Doug and another of our favorite shooters, Bryan Kinkaid had fun creating some great images for Heather and Joe. Heather looked absolutely amazing. After a beautiful church ceremony, they headed to one of our favorite venues, the Millenium in Scottsdale for some pictures by the lake. What a beautiful day! Congratulations Heather and Joe!

1 thought on “Heather & Joe’s beautiful Millenium wedding”

  1. “They were a joy from the start. Both the bride and groom were so relaxed and easy-going. Their wedding was held on a beautiful lawn at the Canyon Suites section of the resort, nestled right on the back of Camelback Moutain.”
    Something I doubt …

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