Dustin & Felicia’s beautiful Sassi wedding

One Fine Day Photography’s Doug Williams had a great time creating beautiful images for Dustin and Felicia on their big day at Scottsdale’s beautiful Sassi. Ally and Suzanne – two uber-cool photographers were on hand shooting away with Doug as well. Even though the heat still hasn’t let up here in the Valley, this adorable couple didn’t let that spoil their day. Felicia was absolutely stunning and smiled all day long! Tell us the truth Felicia, you must have been a model in a previous life! All the best to you Dustin and Felicia for a long and wonderful marriage.

Where has the time gone??? 400 weddings!

Has it really been 17 years of wedding shooting?? Wow does time ever fly. I can’t believe that this October we here at One Fine Day Photography will reach our 400th wedding milestone!! What an honor it has been to touch the lives of all 400 of those couples. How did it all start? Starting with a rusty old Pentax that my Dad gave me in college, and then working my way through medium format film cameras such as the Hasselblad 580EX, then moving through my Fuji phase, then Nikon and now finally my favorite – Canon. From 1993 to 2001, I enjoyed wedding photography on a part time basis since I was part of corporate America. 10 to 12 weddings a year was plenty to balance with my full time job, but it gave me the training and insight for that 8 years to really learn my craft. When I finally made the leap in 2001 to “full-time” wedding photography status… I never looked back. I then had the VERY good fortune of meeting my partner Doug Williams in 2001 and then another amazing member of my team Jim Baker in 2003. I definitely could not have done it without them. 400 more weddings?? Not sure – but living in the moment -and photographing each wedding as if it was the first or last wedding we’ll ever do – I can speak for all of my team when I say we LOVE what we do!! Thanks again Doug and Jim for all the hard work and dedication!! And of course I can’t forget my other fabulous team members Danielle, Gina, Ally, Jennifer and Eric – thanks so much gang!!