Page & Ryan!!

I don’t often do family weddings, but of course when my cousin Page asked me to be her wedding photographer, I was more than happy to oblige. She married the most wonderful guy ever – Ryan Douglas. My favorite two girls, Natalie and Rose were the flower girls, and Page’s two sisters Lauren and Nicole were two of the bridesmaids. Everyone looked gorgeous!! A special thanks to Brett Foland for being my second shooter (fabulous job Brett!), as well as David Blakeman, my nephew who has made quite a name for himself in the Phoenix photography community. And Stephanie, my niece did such a great job with the little girl’s hair.
I had not been to Riverside’s historic Mission Inn before. What a gem!! We started the day there with wedding party photos, and crossed the street to a beautiful historic church for the ceremony and then it was on to Oak Quarry Country Club for the reception. What a fabulous party that was! Congratulations and lots of love Page & Ryan!!

7 thoughts on “Page & Ryan!!”

  1. Wow. Incredible day. Thank you for capturing it for those of us who could not get to CA for the celebration. Have to say there are so many things that you captured for me: the green in the dresses, the joy in the flower girls’ twirls, the tear as Aunt Rosemary looked at her son and grand-daughter. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing the day.

  2. Anne, you captured the day perfectly. Page looked so beautiful and Ryan looked so proud and handsome. Thanks so much for doing a great job for my sister and my new brother-in-law! The entire day was so family-oriented and wonderful. Thanks again, Anne! You’re the best!

  3. These just get better and better every time I look at them! I like the little girl’s hair styles and the stylist that did them! And yes, you did capture the day perfectly!

  4. Anne, you are so very talented. These pictures are AMAZING and we’ll treasure them forever. Thanks for capturing some very special moments with me and my Mom and me and the kids. I love them!

  5. Anne, you are such a talented and gifted “Artiste”. Yes, Page and Ryan had a beautiful wedding; it is great visiting again these ” bubbles of happiness” thanks to your amazing photos…Bravo!

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