People have been asking lately why don’t we post our engagements on our blog? We should really!! Good question. Mostly because we get a little backed up trying to make sure we feature every wedding. So here are a handful of some of our favorite engagement photos from the last year. For those brides that often ask what they should wear on the day of the engagement session – I believe this should provides lots of ideas. As you can see, some get dressy, some go casual. We tell our clients….”feel free to bring a change of clothes.” We allow plenty of time for an outfit change or two. As you can see from these engagement photos, we love finding beautiful light – so for those who ask what time of day should we plan for – One Fine Day’s photographers love shooting at the “golden hour”.. the hour of day when the sun is starting to get low on the horizon. I like to tell our workshop students that positioning your subject between you and the sun creates beautiful backlighting or as some would call it “a natural hair light”. We also like to shoot with “prime” lenses or long lenses with the widest aperature possible 1.2, 1.4, 1.8 or 2.8 in order to achieve total sharpness on our subject, with lots of diffusion or “blur” in the background. We also like to look for reflective surfaces like white sidewalks, shiny buildings, even as you can see in a few of these pictures… a man’s white shirt can reflect beautiful light onto his fiance’s face when he is standing close to her. So when people ask me if it is okay to wear a white shirt for an engagement session, I say heck yes!!

4 thoughts on “Engagements!!!!!!!”

  1. Anne- These photos are stunning!! Keep up your hard and AMAZING work! I can’t wait till it is time for me to have engagement photos of my own, of course done by you!

  2. Great shots….I think you make these engagements fun!! The couples look “in the moment” I like the one with her heels in front, and them smooching in the back!!

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