Danielle & Mike at the Sanctuary

What a beautiful spring day at the Sanctuary! Danielle and Mike couldn’t have asked for nicer weather, nicer family, nicer friends or nicer moments. It was all good!! Halfway through the day we found this very cool mirror hanging on an outside wall near the new wedding ballroom called the Praying Monk dining room. I said to my second photographer: “has this mirror always been here?” It made for a perfectly framed photo of the couple. Then we drove up the hill in a golf cart at sunset and found some new spots for pictures including some great wildflowers. Again I said to my second photographer – “have these wildflowers always been here?” It was a day for finding new and interesting backdrops for our photography. Okay, so I didn’t say “has this pool always been here?”… but we decided to try something new with the pool anyway. Check ’em out.

2 thoughts on “Danielle & Mike at the Sanctuary”

  1. Soooooo pretty!! There are some photos that are shot at spots at the Sanctuary that I have never seen pictures taken before!! Good for you for finding some new gems!!

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