Marissa and Matt at the Millenium

When I first met Marissa and Matt I thought they were a shy couple. Their engagement session was sweet, unassuming and loving as could be – the coupe appeared to be a little quiet and reserved, but totally in love. So when their big day came around we were pleasantly surprised by how much fun and frolic was going on. The wedding party were having a blast, toasting and hi-fiving from the start. The groomsmen were even climbing trees from the beginning. Literally. What a great wedding. From the ceremony music, guests, family, friends, and an incredible grooms cake in the shape of the Ohio State stadium – it was a wedding to be remembered. One of the highlights was an amazing choreographed first dance that was practiced and perfected by the couple… they aced it!! And – when Serendipity Videography is around, it is always sure to be a great night. And working with Krista Bossie at Millenium is also a special treat. Marissa and Matt – thanks for such a memorable night!!

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