A great day at Orange Tree Resort

Tatum and Noah wanted to be totally traditional and not see each other before their wedding ceremony. I always value a bride and groom’s decision to keep with this tradition, but at the same time, I want every couple to have as much possible day light (and time) for their wedding photos as possible. In this case, we were facing a 6:20 sunset and a 5:30 wedding, and I knew that meant that the couple would be racing against sundown as soon as their ceremony was over. Pictures after dark just aren’t quite the same. Daylight gives a photographer so many more options… shadows, light, drama. The couple kept their tradition and saved that moment when they first saw each other (on Febraury 26th at the Scottsdale’s beautiful Orange Tree Resort) for “walk up the aisle.” After the ceremony with only 20 minutes of light left, me and my team (Jim and Ally) scrambled around this beautiful golf course property and got really creative with what light we had left. In the end, we were very happy with the photos we captured – but as a bonus, we asked Noah and Tatum if they wanted to be our “model” couple at our March 14th teaching workshop and they said yes. So ultimately, Noah and Tatum got beautiful pictures on their wedding day, and then got to play dress up and got more pictures with beatiful daylight. I love a happy ending!!

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