Laura and Shawn

This was one of my favorite couples ever. Laura has a heart of gold and Shawn is such a gentle soul. And they are a match made in heaven. Their wedding was held at a beautiful church in Scottsdale, followed by a fabulous reception at the Millinium Resort. Always a joy to work with the Millenium’s Krista Bossie. The decorations were so colorful, and the weather was perfect. And the couple – so in love!! Congratulations Laura and Shawn!

Fall wedding

It’s the Fall (do we really have 4 seasons in Arizona?) and the weather is finally getting nice. Mary Katherine and George were counting on it for their wedding. Their special day turned out perfect. Starting at the Four Seasons, then a beautiful ceremony at St. Bernards of Clairvioux Catholic Church and then a fabulous reception dinner at Sassi in Scottsdale. We loved all the special moments between the couple and their families. From the vows to the toasts, and a full moon – it was a very special Fall evening.

A Beautiful Day at the Phoenician

One Fine Day Photography was so moved by this wedding. Christy and David’s big day at Scottsdale’s beautiful Phoenician Resort had some of the sweetest moments including self-written vows and many tears throughout the ceremony. The reception had some of it’s own fabulous moments too including entertainment by an Irish dance troupe, and an incredible belly dancer. Christy even serenaded David with her own special custom dance at the end of the evening.

Meredith & Matt

One Fine Day Photography’s Anne McCarthy and Doug Williams got a chance to work together again for this beautiful wedding held at Arizona’s beautiful Sanctuary Resort. After 8 years of working together, this experienced team of photographers continue to bounce the creative ideas back and forth to create beautiful wedding day images for people like this super fun couple – Meredith and Matt. The bride and groom had so much fun on their wedding day, even creating the perfect choreographed Grand Introduction for the entire wedding party. And the day was topped off by the most beautiful “red sky” sunset ever! Congratulations Meredith and Matt.

Winnie & Greg

What a fun couple!! This uber-cool Manhatten couple had their “destination” wedding here in Phoenix, Arizona at the beautiful Sanctuary Resort. Even though the heat was still a factor (hottest summer on record!) in early September, no one seemed to be bothered. The couple, their family and friends partied well into the evening. Congratulations Winnie and Greg.