A Tucson wedding

Rosalie and Marques got married on July 5th at the beautiful St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Tucson, followed by the reception at a unique venue in the mountains called Saguaro Buttes. Topped off with a monsoon and a gorgeous Arizona sunset.

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  1. I could have only Prayed for the time of my life the day before the wedding — and all of my prayers were answered. Rosalie and I wanted our Families to have the true Arizona Summer experience. One filled with Heat, Fun, and a perfect Monsoon cooling. The wedding was hot, but soon as we drove to the Buttes, The Storm rolled in and cooled the temps to a nice mid 80’s…no rain followed until the party started…and then the amazing lightning while we all hit the dance floor! It was great — Thank you Anne for your amazing attention to detail, and for coming down to Tucson for us! Your pictures are a shining example of how great our day truely was! — Marques

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